Top Ten Tips for staying healthy during the festive season!

by Annie


Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone who has been reading the Body Conscious blog! While so far we have mainly gone into specific supplements, we want to assure you that this blog is more than just supplement facts, so stay tuned for health, fitness and lifestyle articles coming your way!

December is upon us and somehow it automatically becomes harder to be the fit and healthy gym enthusiast you were just last month. I don’t know what it is about December but it seems to make people lazier and hungrier, myself included! Maybe it’s the dark nights and freezing cold days that make us push away the Tupperware of salad and go in search for something warming and filling, or maybe it’s because sweet temptation is rising just about everywhere. The supermarkets seem to fill up with deals on super tasty food and all of sudden people at work have got the chocolate tins open and lets face it..that mini snickers is actually calling your name. Even in the lead up to Christmas it’s easy to see how diets and fitness regimes go a little out of the window!

Now I’m in no way saying anyone should deprive themselves over the festive season (I know I won’t be!) but these tips may just make your jeans a little less uncomfortable after all the celebrations!

  • Do not buy Christmas food weeks in advance, leave it until the week or two before. If your parents ever did this then you know how unfair and tempting it is to always be asking if you can eat something out of the fridge or “Is it for Christmas day?”. Reduce temptation and leave all the food shopping until the week or two before
  • Make sure there are plenty of vegetables. Christmas dinner is one the best meals ever. But don’t skimp out on the vegetables! It might be tempting to fill your plate with Yorkshire puddings, but serve yourself some veg first and your stomach will thank you.
  • Drink water. It might be tradition to have a glass of fizz for breakfast, but try and get in plenty of that H20 too. Dehydration won’t be your best friend when all the family are trying to play a competitive game of monopoly and you are nursing a headache.
  • Social gatherings usually revolve around food and alcohol this time of year, if you are heading out to a party try and eat a small meal before you go of high protein, high healthy fat food. This will keep you satiated for longer which means you will be less likely to snack on the buffet food and/or get too drunk you do something embarrassing in front of your work colleges!
  • Plan ahead. If you know you are going to Christmas dinner at a family members that has never heard of the sprout, and know that dinner will involve a carb fest, then plan ahead and take a healthy dish. Not only will you look really good and thoughtful you can also make it super healthy so that you at least get some vegetation that day!
  • Christmas is usually a day to do nothing but eat, drink and watch Christmas films. Try and break up the day or weekend by going for a nice long walk before and/or after dinner, not only will it give your body some much needed fresh air but you will also get a bit of exercise in too.
  • Milk thistle. This is a great supplement to be stocked up on if you know you will be overindulging on food and drink. Your liver will thank you.
  • Peppermint tea. Christmas dinner not going down well after a day sitting on the sofa? Drink a few cups of peppermint to kick start your digestion and ease that bloated feeling.
  • Sleep. Make sure your getting enough shut eye after all these parties and late nights. Lack of sleep can actually interfere with blood sugar balance regardless of what you eat, meaning you are more likely to experience blood sugar dips (think chocolate cravings). Lack of sleep also interferes with our hunger hormones leptin (tells us when we are full) and ghrelin (tells us when we are hungry).
  • Don’t try and undo the bad work. Skipping meals after the Christmas day splurge is a recipe for disaster. Not only will your alcohol and food hangover need food and water, your blood sugar needs a good re-balancing too. Instead opt for a nice protein packed breakfast such as an omelette to stabilise your blood sugar and keep you from reaching for the leftover Christmas cake at 11am.

The best thing about Christmas is that it is a few days off work to relax and spend time with people. Enjoying yourself is okay! The gym and your diet can wait until next year, but these few tips may just make you feel a little less of track and a little more comfortable over the festive season.

Thank you to all our readers and see you next year!