Who are Strom  Sports Nutrition and what do they do?

Who are Strom Sports Nutrition and what do they do?

Posted by Ryan Evans PT on 7th Aug 2021

Strom sports nutrition are a growing British brand that began as a humble supplement store, until the owner Richard Foster decided that there was a big demand for American style supplements within the UK, due to the quality being greater than that of the UK supplements at the time. Initially only wanting to create a couple of products while remaining compliant to the regulations within the UK, the success of these has lead to a brand now developing some of the most highly regarded and highest quality supplements currently in the market.

Strom developed possibly the first ever on cycle support product for athletes using PED’s in the form of SupportMax, designed as a harm reduction product - reducing the risks of taking PED’s to an extent - this was massively well received within the British fitness industry and helped catapult Strom to where they are today.

Not only were they the first to develop a supplement like SupportMax but they’ve continued to be innovative and have lead the British supplement industry into a new era, everything that the CEO Rick creates has been with his athletes in mind: anything a bodybuilder, powerlifter and other professional athletes may need to help them progress within their chosen sport. In the words of Rick himself “Strom do stuff first and then other companies do it too”, (you could think of him as the 'Walter White' of the supplement market), there is no higher compliment for a brand like Strom!

Strom unlike many other supplement companies like to source their own raw ingredients for their products to ensure the end product is as premium as can be, this is often reflected within the feedback that the brand receive and deserve!

So who are Strom?

They are innovators

They are educators

They make some pretty damn good supplements!

Who am I and how do I know this?

I’m Ryan a personal trainer, online coach and aspiring bodybuilder who has been buying and using Strom products for years now. Every one I have tried has done exactly as it says on the tin and I love to support a British brand.

Think its all hype? Why not find out for yourself by purchasing some through Bodyconscious UK.

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