Nutra Innovations Mega Lax

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  • Nutra Innovations Mega Lax
  • Nutra Innovations Mega Lax
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Nutra Innovations Mega Lax


 MegaLax contains the increasingly popular Laxosterone which is the patented and highly absorbable form of LaxoGenin. 

 MegaLax has been shown to increase Muscle Mass, Decrease body Fat and improve overall performance by increasing protein synthesis and increasing IGF-1 Levels. 

 MegaLax is very versatile and can be ran in cycles of 8-12 weeks at a time, due to its non hormonal applications MegaLax can be ran by both Males and females. 


A typical cycle for a male ( 160 - 200lbs in weight ) would be 200mg daily ( 2 capsuless daily ).  Males over this weight can increase this dose to 300mg ( 3 capsules daily ) 

A Typical Cycle for a female would be 100mg or 1 capsule daily. 


Megalax is very Stackable ! Meaning you can run a cycle with any other compound, if you are looking to stay natural then combining MegaLax with  a good Epicatechin product such as EPI - ULTRA



Common Questions


Is MegaLax safe ? 


Yes Megalax can be ran safely without affecting your own hormones and therefore can be ran for longer than other hormone adjusting compounds, 8 weeks at 2 capsules daily is a typical cycle 


Can women take MegaLax 


Yes Women can run MegaLax - Laxosterone safely at a dose of 1 capsule daily for 6-8 weeks.  


Is MegaLax a steroid  


No, MegaLax is a Brassinosteroid, this is derived from plant sources and is not the same as an anabolic steroid 

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