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SNAP-8™ peptide- Anti Wrinkle Serum for Women

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Bodyconscious Snap-8 Serum for Women
Why SNAP-8?
One of the most striking signs of ageing is increased wrinkling to the face. The molecular mechanism involved in facial ageing is directly linked to changes in the conformation of the collagen triple helix, degradation of the elastin polypeptides and certain disorder in the packing of the lipid matrix of the skin. However It has been established that these changes can be significantly avoided by modulating muscle contraction with products such as SNAP-8. 

Mechanism of action

SNAP-8 is an octapeptide (an amino acid) that prevents the release of a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction. SNAP-8 is a mimic of the N-Terminal end of SNAP-25 which competes with SNAP-25 for a position in the SNARE complex, and therefore modulates its formation. If the SNARE complex is destabilised, the neurotransmitters will not be effectively released, therefore muscle contraction is attenuated, preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles. 

Topically, it targets the same wrinkle formation mechanism as Botulinum Toxin (Botox) but at a much more affordable, safer and pain free way.

Cosmetic Benefits

This revolutionary topical alternative to injections inhibits facial muscle contractions meaning wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 63% in just one month. Unwanted fine lines and wrinkles begin to fade, giving the face a softer more youthful look.

Apply gel to affected areas twice a day


Distilled Water,Eco freindly Hyaluronic acid

Snap 8 - TM serum (8%)

(water, acetyl octapeptide-3 , capryly glycol)

Phenoxyethanol (preservative)


30ml Bottle with pipette 

Free of Parabens , Vegan friendly



By licence - SNAP-8TM is a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation Barcelona










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