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Amino acids

Amino acids play an important role in the body and are essential for anyone who is training regularly. They provide the body with all of the essential nutrients needed to perform in peak condition and amino acids ensure a healthy immune system, aids with muscle repair and helps to maintain current muscle mass. If you are on a strict training and dieting regime, your body might not be getting all the vital nutrients it needs. Amino acids can’t be replenished by the human body and need to come from the food we ingest or from amino acid supplements, which will help the body to reach its full potential. Amino acid supplements will give the body a balanced amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which can be more convenient then eating individual foods to get the right amount of BCAAs the body needs. Free form amino acids also have specific benefits over digesting amino acids that are peptide bound. Some of these benefits are that free form amino acids don’t require digestion they rapidly enter the blood stream, spike plasma amino acids levels higher and also have unique benefits such as reduce fat, increase protein synthesis and preserve strength. Every time you train or undertake an intense activity, your body is put under large amounts of stress. By adding BCAAs through amino acid supplements into your training program, it can make you less susceptible to illness and injury as it will help the body recover quickly whilst boosting your immune system. Browse our range below for Amino Acids at a great price 



Amino Acids

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